Requiem for the Living is a 40-minute, 5-movement work written by Dan Forrest and published by Hinshaw Music.

About Dan Forrest

Dan Forrest’s music is a powerful tool that inspires creativity and praise. One of his most highly renowned works, Requiem for the Living, is a highly emotional composition, written in the classic style of a Latin mass. The piece has been performed and applauded around the world. Requiem for the Living contains five movements, each containing gripping texts and melodies. Traditionally, a requiem is a prayer for rest for the deceased. However, in Dan Forrest’s innovative work, this prayer becomes a plea for rest for those who are struggling through pain in this life. The music lends to the feelings of earnestness that are illustrated in the lyrics. From movement to movement, one can feel the sincerity presented in this beautiful composition. The final movement, Lux Aeterna, is a satisfying end to Requiem for the Living. The lyrics offer a reminder of Christ’s words to the suffering: “Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” The ending offers peace and hope for the future.

Requiem for the Living is one of Dan Forrest’s proudest publications, and it was composed over a span of ten months in 2012. The piece has been performed in prestigious locations around the world, including Carnegie Hall in 2014.

Such an emotional and stirring piece is suitable for all seasons, but it would be especially useful for memorial services and funerals.

Incredibly inspiring and uplifting, Requiem for the Living has been bringing hope to people around the globe, and it will continue to do so as long as the world has music.

Requiem for the Living is published by Hinshaw Music, a subsidiary of the Fred Bock Publishing Group. Music can be ordered from this website or from any of your favorite music dealers.  Orchestra Parts and Scores are available for rental for Full Orchestra, Expanded Chamber Orchestra, and Chamber Orchestra.  Rentals are available exclusively from Hinshaw Music.

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Renting of Requiem for the Living is available from Hinshaw Music for full choir and orchestration, expanded chamber, and chamber groups.

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About Dan Forrest

Dan Forrest’s music has touched the hearts of people around the world. His artistic and award-winning compositions have been performed worldwide. Dan’s awe-inspiring works vary in difficulty – each containing musical elements that will leave audiences stunned and inspired.

Dan Forrest is an inspiring and accomplished composer. Some of his most stunning compositions, Requiem For The Living and Jubilate Deo are published by Hinshaw Music, and Te Deum is published by Jubal House – both imprints of Fred Bock Publishing Group

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